iot model 2020

Vores IoT-platform indeholder alt det, som muliggør dataopsamling i den ene ende og præsentation af brugbar information i den anden ende. Det hele foregår i realtid og platformen er fuld skalerbar. Herunder ses beskrivelser af de forskellige komponenter som indgår i den fulde version af vores løsning. Ønskes der er en mere rå udgave af vores løsning, er de inkluderede komponenter markeret herunder.  

The Machine

As the first part of our IoT solution, you will find the machine from which you wish to gain information. The type of the machine can be many, but what is common is that there is a wish to obtain measurements and information about the operations.  


The sensors react on a signal from the machine. This can, for example, be a change of temperature. The sensors come in different types and are selected based on the specific solution in regard to the customers wishes and needs. There are in total four sensors.  


TMCom collects input from the sensors, encrypt the data and sends it to the database.


The received data are stored in the database and can be send to an external database as well, if one wishes to do so.

Iotforklaring-admin bruger og password
Administrator, user and password

As part of the solution, you will receive an administrator profile, from where you can log in to monitor your machine in real time. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to set-up more machines to different user accounts as well as to follow the development of the different machines.

Iotforklaring-user interface
User interface

With our specialised solution, you will receive a customized User Interface, which shows you relevant analyses of your data in order to increase your understanding of your machine.  


As user of the solution, you will have access to the entire system which will enable you to view the operations of your machine in real time. Furthermore, you will be able to conduct changes and adjustments to the settings, so you will get the information you need.

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