Improved customer service, less complaints and less interruptions in the production


The above is solely examples of what digitisation and IoT can do for your business. We could also have mentioned a more comprehensive understanding of your business or improvement of your development process.

The starting point can be many, but what is common is that by collecting data, you can get smarter and discover new connections. You do not need to start off with a big, comprehensive solution, you can just as easily start off with a simple solution with relatively few data. Focus should be on information that makes you smarter.

A platform as a starting point

With our IoT platform, you can get started easily and in a simple and clear manner get an idea of what IoT can do for your business. The platform is modular, scalable and flexible. You can for each element in the platform decide whether you want to work with the standard package or if you would like adjustments to your solution. We have worked with IoT for more than ten years and have put all of the best into this platform. The platform is used by a long set of customers – from the farmer to the university. There will be continuous adjustments and updates to the platform in regard to content and functionality. Both when technology creates new possibilities, but also when our customers get new ideas.

Different ways to get started

I can do it on my own

kr 25.000
  • You get
  • TMCom unit
  • Four sensors
  • Access to IoT platform
  • Standard UI
  • You need to
  • Mount sensors and connect to the internet + electricity
  • You can
  • View data on web and smartphone
  • Export data to Excel
  • Help
  • 1000 DKK/hour

I need help

kr 40.000
  • You get
  • Everything from the "I can do it on my own" package
  • A two hour workshop and introduction to IoT
  • Help in regard to selection of sensors and assembly
  • Adjusted UI
  • You need to
  • Find relevant machine
  • You can
  • Get help in regard to data analysis and understanding
  • Help
  • Five hours of free support
  • 800 DKK/hour


  • You get
  • An individual solution for more machines
  • Access to all functions in the IoT-platform
  • Individual UI
  • You need to
  • Book a meeting

*Subsequent to implementation, there will be a monthly subscription

If you think it is difficult to get started or to get an overview of what it can give you and your company, feel free to book a free workshop, so we can talk about how to move on from here.

The workshop consists of:

  • ½ - 1 hour on the phone, where we talk about your products and your company
  • Suggestions regarding what you should do next
  • 1-2 timers workshop hos dig, hvor vi finder udfordringer, som IoT kan afhjælpe.

To give you a few examples of the possibilities with our solutions, we have compiled a short video, which illustrates, how IoT can help tackle a few recognisable and concrete challenges.

IoT E-book

In addition to the video, we have created an e-book that describes different cases with information regarding acquisition of and the value with these solutions. 

Manufacturer of lorry-mounted cranes
The service department continuously receives information about the operations and can react if anything differs from the standard.

The service department receives many questions regarding the use of the cranes and the possibility to make changes in the settings.

Farmer Products ApS
The farmer receives a warning when there is a risk for the slurry to get out of the tank.

Several times a year, accidents happen when working with slurry. Either because there is being pumped too much into the tank or because the slurry in some other way gets out of the tank.

Owners of diesel tanks
The alarm gives notice if diesel is tapped outside of regular opening hours

At Construction sites, in the farming industry and in forestry, there are machines and tanks with many litres of diesel. Theft from these is a huge problem.

The Environmental Protection Agency
Measurement system for control.

When testing a trucks contamination level to see if it complies with the legal requirements for use of AdBlue, it is both complicated and time consuming. The fact that part of the test has to be done while driving, does not make it less complicated.

Manufacturer of machines for use in the farming industry
IoT solution for collection of operations data, so service visits can be planned according to hours in service and wear.

Today, service visits are planned by a calendar, meaning that one visit is planned a year. The challenge with this is that for some customers, one visit a year is not enough and for others it is too much.

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