The process

In the development of your new IoT-solution, we will support you through the entire process. IoTInfo get actively involved in everything from idea generation to delivery of the finished solution. We have chosen to split up our process into eight steps. Doing this creates smaller and more clear tasks, which will make it easier for you and us to manage the entire process. It is the collaboration between yours and our competences that create the best solutions. 

1 - Initial meeting

We drink coffee and brainstorm ideas to figure out, if we should work together. Furthermore, we match expectations toward time and economy.

2 – Workshop

At a joint meeting, yours and our developers will review the product as well as the requirements for functionality, user interface and design. Additionally, we will make a project document containing technical drafts and drafts of design of hardware, software and user interface.

3 - Formalised collaboration

Together we create a formal contract about the solution. After signing the contract, the developmental process can start.

4 - Design, user interface and parameters

We review your wishes for the design of the user interface as well as user groups and rights. Together, we find the relevant parameters that need to communicate, and other external information you may like.

5 - Existing electronics and sensors

If the solution is based on existing electronics, we start by researching the possibilities for communication to that. Possible safety conditions will be checked and we are ready to find a driver and make the first test of the communication.

6 - New electronics and sensors

The possibility for communication is an integrated part of the development of both hardware and software. There is a possibility for extra entrances to relevant sensors and we can choose whether a function needs to be executed locally or on server level.

7 - Adjustments and test

We develop and test the different parts of the solution separately for best result.

8 - Delivery and follow-up

To end the collaboration, we always provide a thorough review of the finished solution. Furthermore, we offer a follow-up to make possible adjustments to the solution, so you leave with the best solution for you.
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