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What is IoT?


The term Internet of Things (IoT) describes the technology that connects physical units in a network via the internet. The connection makes it possible to exchange data and information between the units. At the same time, there is an integration between the physical units from the physical world and the digital systems. This means that with IoT the internet changes from being something humans use to being something electronics can use on its own as well.


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We help you connect your products to the internet and gain key information about your products and the use of them. skaber nyttig information om produkterne og brugen af dem.

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We have developed a solution, which in one end can connect most kinds of electronics to the internet, and in the other end can present data from the units. It can be in shape of raw data – for example a temperature or accumulated hours of operation – or in shape of graphs, where you are able to see the development over time.


The back-end is where we connect the machine, the sensor or the device to the IoT-solution. How this is done in practice depends on the possibilities of the individual machine. 


With basis in a Raspberry Pi, we have developed a communication unit, which can be used to make the connection between a machine and the IoT-solution. 


If an internet connection is not possible, the communication unit can be used for local data collection. Furthermore, there can be attached a display, from where the user can communicate with the machine. 


  • Internet connection
  • MongoDB
  • C
  • C#
  • Java


On a central server, we store the collected data in a database. In the database, we can inquire data like a temperature, or we can inquire the same data over a certain period of time. Finally, we can inquire the same data, but from different units for comparison of machines.

From the central server, we control the communication between the different units. From the central server, we control the communication between the different units. The communication is controlled via user profiles with different roles and the data flow is crypt, before it is sent between the units.

When it is relevant, data can be collected from external sources too.


Front-end Data is presented either via an app or on a webpage. IoTInfo It is via the front-end,the user makes changes in the settings and layout of the units

and the machines that are connected to the back-end.


  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • PHP
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